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Whether it's a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or other Special Occasion one of our Whisky and Spirits Hip Flasks makes a welcome and memorable gift. Personalised with a name and your greeting your item will be unforgettable

As distinct from water canteens/containers originally made for centuries from leather Hip flasks evolved for the purpose of carrying wine and spirits when an individual was on a journey. They really took-off as travel became more and more popular. During the United States Prohibition years flasks were ideal for secreting alcohol and were often made in the shape of a hip or thigh for reasons of comfort and easy concealment. Still known as hip flasks the modern versions are carried in a bag, jacket or trouser pocket the most common size being between 5 and 6 fluid ounces

Modern UK hip flasks are frequently made from stainless steel or pewter. The former are mainly imported while the latter are generally all British hand made by highly experienced craftsmen. Some of our flask sets include nip or tot cups for use when sharing with friends although when out on their own most owners will drink straight from the container. Some flasks have fitted captive screw-on lids to help prevent their tops from becoming lost

To add that special touch most of our Flasks can be personalised with a diamond-cut engraving. Our high quality engraving service is performed in-house and the latest computerised machinery is employed to make your uniquely engraved hip flask inscription clear and as easy as possible to read. With our many years engraving experience we will be able to help you with the most challenging requirements

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