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The pieces in our Zawiercie Majestic Collection are all of the finest quality mouth blown hand cut 24% Lead Crystal Glass. Zawiercie are Polands best known oldest established glassmakers and we believe  you will find our website prices extremely competative. The superior qualities and advantages of 24% Lead Crystal glass over normal glassware makes the items far more desirable to own. Reassuringly weighty the material is tougher and more attractive than standard glass able to refract light rays into their rainbow colours. Lead crystal glass also lends itself perfectly to being engraved with designs, logos and inscriptions since the material has more 'give'. To maintain its crystal clear finish please only hand wash your items using mild detergent and avoid use of a dishwasher which in time will etch the glass and create a cloudy finish. Lead crystal glasses and decanters are perfectly safe to use for drinking